Real estate investment has always been the most favorable investment scheme among investors. It is considerably the most reliable source of income especially when utilized efficiently for rental purposes. However, real estate investing can be categorized into two major categories. (1) Ready market investing and (2) Offplan investing.

In the ready market, the primary focus of investors is rental yield. The higher the rental yield, the more return on investment. Investing in the ready market is considered much safer as returns are steady and planned on a long-term basis. Ready market investors have a relatively distinct set of realty needs comparing to the offplan investors. They cannot rely merely on putting their money into a property but they also must be proactive towards renting it out. Therefore, it is advisable for them to confer with specialized ready property consultants to get the best deal in town as well as get the most return out of the rentals.

However, many investors are attracted to investing in offplan due to its charismatic returns in a relatively shorter time span. Offplan investments are planned for 3 to 6 years and are merely reliant upon capital appreciation until handover. Such investment schemes help investors build portfolios, therefore, it is best to choose an expert offplan consultant, who can not only direct your investment into a secure project but can also help build a profitable and enviable real estate portfolio.

Unique Properties has specialized teams of consultants for ready as well as for offplan investing. Whether you wish to plan your investment upon steady rental yield or swift capital appreciation, we have specialized consultants in each domain to best serve upon your investment needs.

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