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With the ever-evolving regulations in purchasing or selling a property in Dubai, the need for professional RERA-certified and registered Sales Consultants, who are familiar with the processes involved with each of the Developers and the DLD, becomes even more crucial to ensure correct and smooth property sale transfers.  If certain critical steps are not conducted in a professional and timely manner, your property sale might be put at risk. Unique Properties understands the intricacy of property matters and is always up-to-date with changing laws & regulations, ensuring that in turn our Sales Consultants act with the diligence required to ensure that your property transfer is handled professionally and carefully, giving you a simple and hassle-free experience.

In addition to dealing with banks, governmental bodies, regulatory authorities and other companies on your behalf, our Sales Consultant services include:

  • NOC application
  • Mortgage advisory, discharge and completion
  • Service fee calculations and adjustments
  • Property title registration
  • Application for utilities and other services if requested (i.e. Du, Etisalat, DEWA)

Here at Unique Properties, we take care of all the necessary documentation and requirements so that you can rest assured that everything has been followed as per rules and regulations.


The Buyer’s Guide


Purchasing a property is a major investment and if you are new to the market or don’t quite understand it, it could also be a frustrating and adverse experience.

We suggest that you consult a Unique Properties Sales Consultant before you sign any purchase contract for property, so that you understand your rights and responsibilities relating to property purchase in the UAE.

Your Sales Consultant:

  • Will provide you with a simple checklist of your pre-transfer duties
  • Proposes solutions to any problems that arise so that the process progresses without a hitch
  • Explains the conditions of your finance approval and will help you meet them and provides you with a breakdown of the figures you need to meet in the transfer and settlement process.
  • Informs you on the status of the transfer
  • Guarantees full coordination and attendance at your property transfer to ensure the transfer is completed
  • Ensures that the title deed is clear and handed over to you

The Process

Since purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions and investments of a person’s life, it is important to understand the process.

Existing Finance

Early in the process, you should figure out if there is existing finance on the property and which lender it’s from and then share these details with your Sales Consultant.



The amounts that need to be paid to the developer, Dubai Land Department, and real estate agency will be broken down for you in a statement provided to you by the Sales Consultant.

Your Duties

Your Sales Consultant will instruct you to compile all the documentation required to finalize the transfer. You must provide information that is factual and correct, and have both originals and copies created of the required documents. Inability to provide these documents in a timely manner may delay the process.


If there are any specific requirements or conditions set by your lender, make sure to tend to them a couple of weeks before the settlement date.

At least three working days before the deal is finalized, the exact amount needed for the purchase should be in your back account. Then you’ll be able to obtain Manager’s Cheques for the relevant parties, ready for the transfer day.

Building Insurance

Since building insurance is mandatory in the UAE, the lender will be sure to include this with your mortgage.

Title Deed

Once the transfer is finalized a new title deed will be issued to you in your name within 24 hours. However, the bank will keep the deed until any mortgage registered against the property is paid off.


Once the property transfer is complete and the seller has received the payment, all keys and controllers will be handed over to you by the Sales Consultant.

Utilities and Services

Since most utility and service providers need to see a title deed before they set up a connection, you must present a copy. If you have taken a mortgage, you must obtain a copy from your lender. Our Sales Consultant can also acquire a copy for you, so inform them of this early on so that they can obtain it for you. Feel free to also ask how to go about connecting other services or subscriptions.

For all property inquiries, please contact
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With Unique Properties, real estate is more than just a transaction: it is a promise to deliver beyond expectations.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made for the guides to be as comprehensive as possible, Unique Properties provides no warranties for final accuracy of the information presented herein and facts may change without notice. We recommend that you discuss your purchase with a Unique Sales Consultant before you enter a contract of sale.

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