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At Unique Properties, we understand that your property deserves the maximum coverage in order to get the best deal & hence the highest returns on your property investment.

Our marketing strategy is sure to reap you the best yields from your investments. We market your property for free via following mediums.

  1. A strong database qualified tenants & buyers
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Step-by-step guide on how to sell your property in Dubai

  • 1 STEP
    Step 1 : Choosing a qualified real estate agency
  • 2 STEP
    Step 2 : Property Valuation
  • 3 STEP
    Step 3 : Presenting your property
  • 4 STEP
    Step 4 : Marketing
  • 5 STEP
    Step 5 : Viewing
  • 6 STEP
    Step 6 : Receiving offers
  • 7 STEP
    Step 7 : Agreeing to sell
  • 8 STEP
    Step 8 : Paper work
  • 9 STEP
    Step 9 : Transfer property ownership

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Unique Properties?

    Established in 2008, Unique Properties is one of the most reputable and multi-awarded Real Estate Companies in the UAE demonstrating a transparent and trustworthy professional approach to its clients in real estate investment consultation.

    At Unique, we offer a consortium of premium off-plan projects and ready properties for sale and leasing. Our multi-lingual property consultants are some of the most well-trained and experienced real estate professionals in Dubai who can offer you tailored real estate solutions based on your investment needs.

    Why you should choose Dubai for real estate investments?

    Dubai offers a variety of lifestyle experiences to its residents. Whether you desire to live beside the blue ocean with direct access to the private beach or a serene life amidst a lush green golf course, Dubai has it all covered for you.

    Property investment in any region, for personal or investment purposes, has some fundamental requirements – Economic stability, secure lifestyle, lawful protection, world-class amenities, and potential in future developments are some of the major aspects to put into consideration.

    Dubai has proved to be one of the fastest growing cities in the last 15 years, and thorough out this time, Dubai has developed some of the world’s best and most exemplary real estate projects catering to all aspects of investors needs.

    How Dubai compares to the other global expatriates destinations?

    Dubai has been one the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and undoubtedly the top tourists destination of the region. One aspect of its attraction is the extravagant luxe experience that it offers to tourists and residents. Another important aspect is its geographical and economical significance as it is situated merely at a 5- to 7-hours flight distance from major financial hubs in the world such as London, Frankfurt, and Moscow towards Europe and North Asia, and Hong Kong, Bangkok and Beijing towards the East Asia.

    The tax-free economic structure, currency stability, and access to the sea ports also attract international investors in choosing Dubai over the other global expatriate destinations.

    What is an "Off-Plan" project?

    An off-plan project is a proposed real estate development, which is yet to be constructed. In simple terms, a real estate project (a building, an apartment complex or a community etc.), which is not yet constructed.

    However, you can invest in off-plan developments as they are more affordable compared to the similar ‘ready’ properties, and offer flexible installment plans without interest, and higher capital appreciation upon the project completion.

    How to buy an off-plan property in Dubai?

    Buying an off-plan property is quite simple, however, choosing the right project and a trusted developer is quite tricky especially for new investors.

    You will always come across some too good to be true offers. This is merely the reason why you should consult with a trusted real estate agency to guide you through out your buying process.

    Unique Properties, with its vast experience and years-long partnership with all major developers in the UAE, is here to help in getting you the most suitable off-plan property that perfectly suits your financial flexibility and investment requirements. For free consultation, you may reach us through +971 4 455 8888.