Meet Unique Properties on our Indonesia roadshow this April 2018

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Meet Unique Properties on our Indonesia roadshow this April 2018
Our company, Unique Properties is proud to announce that we will be having a tour in Indonesia later this April. This tour is scheduled to be on April 27th in Surabaya and on 28th of the same month in Jakarta. Our company is a well-known and award winning real estate brokers located in Dubai. We have built a very high reputation in the region by winning multiple awards with the latest addition to the cabinet being an award given to us by the leading real estate developers in UAE Dubai Properties which was titled “Top Broker of the year”. Our company is excited and eager to visit Indonesia and meet potential investors for Dubai. We are also proud to announce the team that will join this event, this team will consist of Armin who is one of the partners of the company, Vicky and Mijoo Kim which both are one of the leading agents in the company which you will get the chance to meet at the events, our team will be happy to assist you in both English and Chinese.

Over the past few years Dubai has proven to be a success story that everyone should follow. Within only few years the city became the world’s central Hub in many areas including Business, tech, education, media and much more. With its success and exceptional economic growth, the city naturally became one of the leading real estate industries in today’s world. And certainly the perfect destination for foreign investors planning to invest overseas.

One of the main points that attract foreign investors to Dubai is the city’s high rental yields. In every fast growing city, it is a common thing to see rental prices continuously go up. This is also the case in Dubai, as the rate in which the city is growing at is unbelievable. And with the increasing interest from overseas and the booming tourism sector, it is certain that this growth will not slow down anytime soon.

With Expo 2020 being held in Dubai, it is expected that this prestigious event will attract 25 million unique visitors from 180 nations and up to 33 million visits over the 6 months period the event will be held on. It is important to note that a good number of these visitors will eventually settle in the city even after the event is completed as new companies and opportunities will emerge. This huge number of visitors will definitely provide a huge boost to the tourism and hospitality industries. 

The rental demand will obviously be high during the Expo 2020, giving the landlord the advantage and flexibility to adjust rental prices to increase his profits. Indeed this is the best time to invest in a property in Dubai.

Moreover it is safe to say that Dubai’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the region, a very powerful and rigid economy. Although Dubai’s economy was initially built on revenues from the oil and petrol industries, now these industries only account to 5% of the emirates gross domestic product. Now Dubai’s economy is mainly based on property development and luxury tourism, which we are really proud to be part of. 

Now the interesting fact is that all the numbers and statistics show that this economy growth will not slow down anytime soon, and to investors that directly translates to better returns.

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world when it comes to general security, the city has a very low crime rate and rigorous law enforcement. The perfect environment to consider having your next property at.

In addition Dubai’s infrastructure is outstanding with all the necessary requirements provided at very high standards, some of these include great buildings, hospitals, schools and very convenient transportation systems including a metro system, a tram, outstanding roads and 12 lane highways.

Now Dubai might be doing really well in the current moment, but the city has an extraordinary vision to be achieved by the year 2020. This vision was approved by the visionary himself, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and UAE Vice President and Prime Minister. The key objective of this event is to attract 20 million visitors per year by 2020, doubling the number welcomed in 2012. This vision includes building thousands of outstanding project in order to host this huge number of visitors and more importantly make sure they have the best time of their lives.

Invest in Dubai - Surabaya,Indonesia

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