Dubai Property listings and Land Locations improved using drones

by (Aseel Lulu)

Dubai Property listings and Land Locations improved using drones
To improve Properties in Dubai in marketing their listings and land location, drones are being used to generate aerial photography that can help deliver faster high-res images of contour maps more visually clearer than what conventional maps previously produced.

And when those high-res images offer a perceivably better-looking listing, they will most likely tend to generate more traffic and sell better. Developers and users would register through the Departments services to have these property and land images forwarded via email or any favored method.

With the development of massive independent and growing projects, different conventional methods were crucial in order to keep track and be up to date with all the different requirements needed to make Dubai’s growth as universal and as progressive as its pace.

Moreover, the use of conventional surveys was a huge part of just about all trades done by Property developments. Other than having to attend Dubai Municipality center branches, surveys along with inspections were a required condition for developers, contractors, construction consultants, landowners, government and semi-governmental institutions before making any technical decisions in regards to any transaction.

Switching out sensors and cameras are enabling Dubai brokers and customers in obtaining high-res images of the property, its size, and its surroundings. Previously, these images were limited to uneven satellite photos similar to those found on google earth. But now, with an app called kharetati that acts as an electronic system which allows the renewal and issuing of maps. This app will be very useful for:
1. Brokers and landowners— to have the ability to obtain onsite maps from the Dubai Municipality.
2. Developers and customers— to access land location maps that will be provided by the drones through detailed data of rectified orthophoto and topographic maps.
3. Large-scale projects— that require a tremendous amount of space, as it will be less difficult and time-consuming when recording the progress and results of that particular land location.

Several spatial topographies and information about a land, such as Land boundary, zoning regulations, and other information are used to impose restrictions on the drones. But now, with Dubai’s growth in progress, future prospects for the drones in property which fly at a height higher than 10,000 meters are expected to regulate and detect complications like parcel entitlement, setback, and land coverage upon construction.

Furthermore, this process will help in establishing the refined infrastructure and construction milestones that Dubai would need to have a major role in the industry’s property presence globally.With a view to strengthening developed cooperation’s and partnerships in Dubai properties, Director Generals and experts of Dubai Municipality believe that this service will greatly contribute to the implantation of the “Happy Dubai” concept.

The Dubai Municipality has already started implementing the plans to set up some of these ultimate and most extravagant property projects and events in the history of UAE. A budget of more than USD 9 billion is allocated to prepare the infrastructure for these mega-events. With Dubai’s Population growth escalating, and household sizes transitioning, the growth of property market is rising significantly.

Additionally, the property segment will benefit from this renovated and upgraded service that will lead future consumers and investors to be highly exposed to the redeveloped construction of this trend.
In conclusion, around 5,500 customers visiting these online centers every day, and with over 75% of services moving online, this process helps establish the refined infrastructure and building milestones that Dubai would need to have a major role in the industry’s global presence. Large campaigns and projects geared to aid in the developmental growth of Dubai’s property may be able to shape the urban progression this substantial production of the property is providing. And thus allowing developers to accelerate and plan ahead the next and upcoming phase into the construction of creating an elevated and progressed City.

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