Dubai’s largest Real Estate developer Emaar is now accepting Bitcoin as payment

Written by Unique Properties

For the very first time in Dubai, you can now buy your dream house using Bitcoin or Ethereum!
Emaar, which is often considered UAE’s top real estate developer recently announced that they will be accepting cryptocurrency as payment for all their properties.

This new method of payment is expected to further boost the real estate market in Dubai, as it will open doors to newly-minted bitcoin millionaires who could now turn their Bitcoin into valuable physical assets.

Emaar announced that the preferred method of payment is still in UAE dirhams or US dollars and that cryptocurrency transactions will take place through one of the biggest brokers of digital currencies in the world ‘Bitcoin Suisse’  based in Switzerland. Any buyer interested in purchasing an Emaar real estate using Bitcoin can do so through Bitcoin Suisse who will take care of the transaction process. The Bitcoin/Ethereum value will be converted to the value of the property in UAE dirhams and will be transferred to Emaar to complete the transaction.

The idea of turning volatile Bitcoin into a physical property is very interesting to cryptocurrency owners, knowing that the price of a Bitcoin could drastically drop at any given moment, changing them into ever-lasting secure investment is definitely a no-brainer.

But why choose Dubai?

– Ever-growing Economy
– Outstanding Infrastructure
– Variety of options for all budgets
– Continuously growing population
– No property tax
– Tremendous rental returns

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Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic for a few years now, but never before used as a method of payment on the purchase of real estate in the region and this initiative coming from the largest developer not only in the Middle East but internationally further legitimizes cryptocurrency more in the eyes of the general public.

Over the past few years, Dubai proved to be one of the leading cities in technologies with plans to become the world’s first smart city. This new initiative from Emaar will sure be a good start for a new cryptocurrency friendly environment in Dubai that will further prove the city’s legacy in the digital world.

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