Do you really need to work with a real estate agent in Dubai?

Written by Unique Properties

With so much information readily available online, buyers sometimes doubt the need to work with real estate agents. We could all agree that the internet is a great source of information with all sorts of data readily available within just a click. However, it can’t replace a profession.

A profession is there for a reason as it requires knowledge, prolonged training and a formal qualification which cannot be gained in a very short period, to further emphasize on this point we came up with 7 reasons why you should consider working with a real estate agent.

1) Knowledge & Experience

A good real estate agent will be well knowledgeable of the current real estate market, whether it is a good time to invest in certain areas or is it wiser to invest elsewhere. In addition, they are well informed of the latest properties that will be soon released to the market well before others, sometimes advising their clients to wait a bit since a project at a relatively better price will be launched soon.

Furthermore, the amount of years of experience the real estate agent has will sure be of great help as they have crisp understanding of details such as the average project completion time by any developer, areas that might experience a decline in value in near future, whether a project will really increase in value as claimed by developer and much more.

2) Do you really know your market?

As mentioned earlier the internet might be a good way to research about the property market and to be fair some people might be good at extracting details they require. But you should always keep in mind that not everything is mentioned online, for instance no one will talk about projects expected to be further delayed or ones which are expected to fail.

There are many factors that could contribute to the price of the property, the current market condition often affects the price. A real estate agent knows the current market situation and could lead the client to the right direction.

Moreover a good agent will know about unreleased projects that will be released soon and chances are that the upcoming project might be a better deal with even higher expected ROI.

3) Save time and money

An agent can save you a lot of time and energy by helping you search for a property, in most cases you could inform your agent details such as price range, size and preferred location and the agent will email you a list of properties based on your specifications.

Contrary to what some believe, agents could indeed save you a lot of money. An agent working at reputable agency will have access to premium special offers only given to particular agencies, this could mean an offer better than your typical DLD wavier and could include extended payment plans with payments even after moving in to the unit.

4) Why not buy directly from developer?

This is a common question that probably you even might have thought of and the answer to this question is pretty simple. If you work with a certain developer, on average depending on the developer’s market share, you will have 80% less options to choose from, this is simply because the developer will only showcase properties built by them and hence you will miss on huge junk of investment opportunities.

On the other hand, real estate agencies work with several developers and this will indeed give you more range of projects to choose from.  More options to choose from makes it possible for the client to get a tailored property according to specific needs and wants.

In addition, real estate agents often resell property owned by a previous owner at a ridiculously lower price than the actual price, this means that the seller is willing to sell the unit at a lower price of what the developer is currently offering.

5) Paperwork

Probably one of the most annoying but yet most important step when buying your property is to deal with all the paperwork. Every document is important and needs to be analyzed carefully, so it will be quite helpful to have someone help you find out where and what to look for before signing a contract.

6) Professional Network

One of the most underestimated value an agent can provide to your real estate investment is there professional network. Real estate agents network with developers and other investors, they often book in advance the best unit before the official launch and hence offer their clients premium units such as the ones with the best view.

7) It’s free

Hiring a real estate agent in Dubai is totally free to the buyer. However, it is still true that the agent will be rewarded by getting an average of 2% commission of the sale, but opposite to what most people think, the developer will actually pay the real estate agent. And to the buyer the price of the property remains the same whether directly bought from the developer or through an agent, which means you as a buyer will get all these services from the agent free of charge.

We hope this article was helpful, if you are interested in buying a property  or renting a property in Dubai feel free to get in touch with one of our expert agents by clicking in the “Book a meeting” button below or use the chat box to write us your inquiry.