Buying a villa in Dubai?

Written by Unique Properties

Different types of properties are up for sale in Dubai from studios to penthouses. But a villa in Dubai might be your best choice if you’re looking to buy a home in Dubai, it might be the most expensive option but it’s definitely worth it. Villas in Dubai are not just a great investment, but also a piece of heaven that one could enjoy for the rest of his life.

There are many communities in Dubai that offer modern comfy villa’s in Dubai such as Arabian Ranches, Springs and The Villa. But our favorite this year so far must be Serena by Dubai Properties. Serena is an exquisite blend of Spanish Mediterranean design and elegance built to accommodate families seeking comfort from the tumultuous city life yet remain close to the city. The community is both affordable and unique, offering a huge collection of lifestyle amenities and recreational facilities creating a spirited communal feel.

There are many reasons why buying a Villa in Dubai is a better option than buying an apartment, here in this article we will list five such reasons.

Villas generally offer a generous amount of personal space, you could enjoy your personal space often including a personal garden and if you are willing to pay bit more your own private beach. So for those of us that cherish privacy, villas are definitely their best option.

Resale Value
Property prices usually fluctuate from time to time. However, compared to apartments the resale value of a villa usually does not decline easily. This is because the demand for villas is usually higher than the supply in Dubai. This means if you decide to sell your villa in the near future, you will better deals and ROI as compared to regular apartment of the same price.

Generally villas are bit more expensive but you will definitely get what you paid for in terms of comfort and amenities. For instance, Bella Casa which is one of the villas in Serena comes with different types of high-end luxury rooms to accommodate your needs and wants. Moreover the villa is only walking distance away from a supermarket, restaurants, petrol station , ATM and department stores which makes it more convenient.

Spacious  & Relaxing
Villas usually offer high ceilings, spacious living spaces and more windows than regular apartments. This huge space will allow you to breathe and enjoy a relaxing spa in the privacy of your home. In addition, villa’s usually offer large windows which will allow you to enjoy the stunning views especially if your villa is in a great location like Serena.

A major factor which leads buyers to buy a villa in Dubai is the lifestyle that comes with it. If you have children you may need some extra space to enable them to burn off their energy, so a villa with a garden space or a pool may be perfect for you. Moreover in the recent years we have seen villa communities that are very close to the city center and hence offer all the benefits of city living.

Our pick for the best villa in the second quarter of 2018 is the “Bella Casa” by Dubai Properties in Serena. Bella Casa is the first of the three luxury townhouse developments, which includes Casa Dora and Casa Viva, in one of the hottest addresses in Dubai. Centrally located in DUBAI-LAND, Serena’s Bella Casa comes with state-of-the-art architectural design inspired by the traditional Mediterranean Spanish theme and surrounded by lush greenery. In addition to offering luxurious features and modern recreational amenities the Dubai Properties is known for, these gorgeous homes bring you luxury community living at its best.

While it is an ideal base for single family home seekers, families with kids and outdoor enthusiasts, Bella Casa at Serena easily accommodates the needs of all family members and complements any lifestyle with its lush houses.

To give you a better understanding of how Bella Casa villa looks like our creative team have put together a 360 video that shows the details of the villa, capturing both the interior of the property and also its traditional Mediterranean Spanish architecture look from the outside. [360 virtual video below]

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