Jumeirah Golf Estates

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Jumeirah Golf Estates Overview

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates is a development featuring 13 luxury estates set around the fairways of two 18-hole golf courses. Jumeirah Golf Estates comprises a group of villas having exquisite design, bringing comfort and natural landscape together under one roof.

Villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates are known to have the highest levels of luxury and beauty set amidst breathtaking scenery. As of today, the first phase of Jumeirah Golf Estates has been established, with two unique golf courses divided in themes of elements of life, two have been constructed most recently namely: Fire and Earth and the other two (Wind and Water) are set to be done in the future.

The communities around the Fire golf course are named Fireside, Flame Tree Ridge, Juniper Way, Orange Lake, Sienna Lakes, Sienna Views and Valencia Grove. Those around the Earth course are Lime Tree Valley, Olive Point, Sanctuary Falls, Sundials, Whispering Pines and Wildflower.

Seventy five percent of the properties in this gated community overlook the golf courses, and the remainder face lakes and nature strips. The villas themselves have been individually designed and are set in beautifully landscaped streets suitable for family living. The villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates are arranged in residential streets surrounding the two golf courses. The whole place is encircled by a jogging and cycling track linking community parks, lakes and nature strips.

Jumeirah Golf Estates is located 22 km south-west of Dubai City Center along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and next to Dubai Sports City. Jumeirah Golf Estate is within a half-hour's drive of Dubai International Airport and few minutes’ drive from Dubai Marina and major business districts of Dubai Internet and Media City.

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Jumeirah Golf Estates Projects

Project Property Type Location Year Launched Developer Estimated Completion Date Quality Title Type Life Cycle Property
Sanctuary FallsVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2006Shaikh Holdings6/16/2017LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
Al AndalusTownhouses, ApartmentsJumeirah Golf Estates2015Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)4/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Flame Tree RidgeVillasJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdReady
Juniper WayResidential PlotsJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
Lime Tree ValleyVillasJumeirah Golf EstatesCHILuxuryFreeholdReady
Olive PointVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2007Olive Point Holdings2014LuxuryFreeholdReady
Orange LakeVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2008Indigo Properties2016High-endFreeholdReady
Redwood Avenue (previous known as Fireside)VillasJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
Redwood ParkTownhousesJumeirah Golf Estates2014Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Sienna LakesVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2006Sienna Lakes Ltd.2014LuxuryFreeholdReady
Sienna ViewsVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2006Jupiter Holdings12/16/2017LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
The SundialsVillasJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
Valencia GroveResidential PlotsJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction
Whispering PinesVillasJumeirah Golf Estates2006Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)2013LuxuryFreeholdReady
WildflowerResidential PlotsJumeirah Golf EstatesJumeirah Golf Estates (JGE)LuxuryFreeholdUnder Construction

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