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Akoya Overview


An eloquent symbol of luxury, Akoya by DAMAC properties infuses a posh lifestyle into the very essence of its premises. Every mansion, villa and apartment has access to state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant leisure spaces. Akoya covers an area of 42 million square feet and is inspired by a classy Beverly Hills styled theme.

Akoya consists of several key aspects each displaying an elegant show of modern excellence in architecture and innovation:-

  • The Drive at AKOYA: At The Drive, residents of Akoya find luxury dining endeavours as well as entertainment facilities and retail outlets.
  • Trump International Golf Club Dubai: Akoya is home to the world renowned and branded Trump International Golf Club which is designed with a unique blend of luxury and beautiful landscapes.

Akoya features a diverse mixture of residential options for families and couples:-

  • Villas on the golf course: The villas on the Golf Course offer mesmerizing views of the green golf courses and provide high-end luxurious internal designs making golf living a truly self-rejuvenating haven.
  • Villas in The Park: Villas in The Park are uniquely hidden away in between the tranquil greenery of this development and offer their residents a serene environment and a place to truly feel home in.
  • Golf Residences: For those looking for apartment living, Golf residences present an unprecedented array of luxury homes overlooking the international golf course.
  • DAMAC Villas by Paramount Hotels & Resorts: In collaboration with Paramount Hotels & Resorts, Damac offers high-class gated community serviced villas with a hint of Hollywood themed living, radiating luxury and elegance.
  • Fendi-styled villas: The villas embrace diversity in architectural design, and this is portrayed throughout. These Fendi-Styled Villas in Dubai, the first and most unique collection of its kind in the world, create an exotic ambience through unique style and fascinating living spaces.
  • Trump PRVT: Trump PRVT exceeds all standards when it comes to innovative design and artistic architecture. The mansions and villas of Trump PRVT are a symbol of ultimate luxury and elite living, in a gated community offering a private and serene ambiance to its residents along the fairways of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Akoya is located along the Umm Suqeim Road, Al Qudra Road and Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road providing access to most of Dubai’s prominent key locations with ease. Akoya is 25 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, 20 minutes away from Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina.

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Akoya Projects

Project Property Type Location Year Launched Developer Estimated Completion Date Quality Title Type Life Cycle Property
JasmineApartmentsAkoya2014Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Akoya DriveApartments, Hotels, Hotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2013Damac PropertiesFreeholdUnder Construction, Proposed
CarsonApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Damac Maison Hotel - Artesia C & DHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Golf Horizon at AkoyaTownhouses, ApartmentsAkoya2014Damac Properties6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Golf Panorama at AkoyaTownhouses, ApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Golf Vista at AkoyaTownhouses, ApartmentsAkoya2013Damac Properties6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
LoretoApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties12/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
NAIA Golf PromenadeHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
NAIA Golf Terrace at AkoyaHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2013Damac Properties6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
NAIA Golf Veduta at AkoyaHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2013Damac Properties6/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
NAIA Hotel - Artesia AHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
NAIA Hotel Apartments - Artesia BHotel Serviced ApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
OrchidApartmentsAkoya2015Damac Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction

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