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Dear Property Owners and Landlords,

You have come to the right place to get your property on the market for sale or rent and targeted to the right customers through our strategic marketing avenues.

Whether you are looking to sell or lease your property, Unique Properties offers its promise to deliver beyond expectations and ensure that your property will be viewed by the right investors, prospective buyers and appropriate end-users. With Unique Properties, you’ll experience a service that is second to none. Alongside the crucial property-specific expertise required, our agents make the process as easy as possible on your side enabling the smoothest and quickest transaction possible.

To start advertising your property for sale/rent with Unique Properties all that’s required is to fill out the form below along with any additional information we need to know about the property, and attach a copy of the property contract.

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Al Furjan Projects

Project Property Type Location Year Launched Developer Estimated Completion Date Quality Title Type Life Cycle Property
Azizi MontrellHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi DevelopmentsMid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi RoyHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Al Furjan Nakheel Villas & TownhousesVillas, TownhousesAl Furjan2007Nakheel2013High-endFreeholdReady, Under Construction
Al Furjan Residential LandResidential PlotsAl Furjan2013Nakheel6/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Avenue Residence 1ApartmentsAl Furjan2008Al Jaziri Brothers2015Mid-endFreeholdReady
Avenue Residence 2ApartmentsAl Furjan2013Al Jaziri Brothers12/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Buildings in Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2013Azizi DevelopmentsFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Candace AsterApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi DaisyApartmentsAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi FeirouzApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi FeristaAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi FreesiaApartmentsAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi IrisApartmentsAl Furjan2013Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Liatris ResidencesApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi OrchidApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi PlazaHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi SamiaAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi ShaistaApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi StarAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi YasamineApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments2016Mid-endFreeholdReady
Candace AcaciaApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
DreamzTownhousesAl Furjan2014Danube Properties3/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Glamz ResidenceApartmentsAl Furjan2016Danube Properties12/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Masakin Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2007Nakheel2012Mid-endFreeholdReady
Ritz Residence Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2015Danube Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
The Murano ResidencesApartmentsAl Furjan2016Ghreiwati Properties1/19/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction

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