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Shopping Areas:

  • Discovery Pavilion 5.2 KM
  • Ibn Batuta Mall 5.9 KM
  • Dubai Marina Mall 14.4 KM
  • Nakheel Mall 20.3 KM
  • Mall of the Emirates 25.8 KM
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah 23.3 KM
  • Dubai Mall 30.1 KM
  • Al Barsha Mall 23.1 KM
  • Dragon Mart 45 KM
  • City Centre Me'aisem 21.9 KM
  • The Pavilion 10.3 KM
  • Springs Shopping Centre  12.4 KM
  • Jebel Ali Mall 12 KM
  • The Mall 24 KM
  • Mercato Mall 33.3 KM

Health Institutions:

  • Medcare Medical Centre 27 KM
  • iCare Clinics 21.4 KM
  • Al safa community health center  31.9 KM
  • Al Mankhool health center 39.3 KM
  • NMC Hospital 16.9 KM
  • Lifeline hospital 10.3 KM
  • Aster clinic 27.7 KM
  • Mediclinic Dubai Mall 29.4KM


  • JSS International School 28.1 KM
  • Arcadia Preparatory School 13.2 KM
  • Nibras International School 18.1 KM
  • Safa British School 45.9 KM
  • Hartland International School 43.3 KM
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School 27.8 KM
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School 31.9 KM
  • Credence Highschool 31.7 KM
  • Gems New Millenium School 33.5 KM
  • Gems International School 31.5 KM
  • Horizon International School 25.1 KM

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Al Furjan Projects

Project Property Type Location Year Launched Developer Estimated Completion Date Quality Title Type Life Cycle Property
Azizi MontrellHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi DevelopmentsMid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi RoyHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Al Furjan Nakheel Villas & TownhousesVillas, TownhousesAl Furjan2007Nakheel2013High-endFreeholdReady, Under Construction
Al Furjan Residential LandResidential PlotsAl Furjan2013Nakheel6/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Avenue Residence 1ApartmentsAl Furjan2008Al Jaziri Brothers2015Mid-endFreeholdReady
Avenue Residence 2ApartmentsAl Furjan2013Al Jaziri Brothers12/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Buildings in Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2013Azizi DevelopmentsFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Candace AsterApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi DaisyApartmentsAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi FeirouzApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi FeristaAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi FreesiaApartmentsAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/17/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi IrisApartmentsAl Furjan2013Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi Liatris ResidencesApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi OrchidApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments6/16/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi PlazaHotel Serviced ApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi SamiaAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi ShaistaApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Azizi StarAl Furjan2015Azizi Developments3/18/2017Mid-endFreehold
Azizi YasamineApartmentsAl Furjan2014Azizi Developments2016Mid-endFreeholdReady
Candace AcaciaApartmentsAl Furjan2016Azizi Developments12/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
DreamzTownhousesAl Furjan2014Danube Properties3/17/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Glamz ResidenceApartmentsAl Furjan2016Danube Properties12/18/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction
Masakin Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2007Nakheel2012Mid-endFreeholdReady
Ritz Residence Al FurjanApartmentsAl Furjan2015Danube Properties6/18/2017High-endFreeholdUnder Construction
The Murano ResidencesApartmentsAl Furjan2016Ghreiwati Properties1/19/2017Mid-endFreeholdUnder Construction

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